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When you work with Conveyor Technologies, you’re partnering with a top conveyor distributor in North America. Our equipment delivers outstanding performance in our customers’ facilities, and our expert team matches that with top-notch service and responsiveness.


Over our long career in distribution, we have earned the trust of the biggest names in business.


We have over 40 years of experience helping businesses build, automate, and enhance their conveyor systems.


Our seasoned warehouse designers have everything you need in stock and ready to ship, saving real shipping time.

Our Primary Product

Flexible Powered Roller Conveyor

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Efficiency & Green Power

Flexible powered roller conveyors can take your conveyor solution to the next level of productivity and efficiency. They provide advantages in versatility, footprint, ergonomics, and more.

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Cut Operational Overhead

Our flexible powered roller conveyors utilize powered rollers to enable fast, efficient loading or unloading of packages in shipping, transportation, packaging, and other applications, with less operator assistance.

Flexible Conveyor | Conveyor Tech Inc

Flexibility & Easy Storage

These conveyors can flex around corners, service multiple dock doors, or navigate close quarters where other infrastructure or equipment is present. When not in use, valuable space can be saved by retracting the conveyor to its smallest footprint.

Our Mission

We exist to beat the delivery date of all new manufacturers while providing hard dollar savings of up to 50%.

The way we see it, you can pay more for the comfort of saying you have new equipment. Or, you can pay a lot less, and keep all the peace of mind. Come to think of it, you can get even more peace of mind knowing your job will be finished sooner and cheaper!

About Us

Conveyor Technologies’ Proven Track Record of Excellence

With a proven track record of excellence with clients like Amazon, Ralph Lauren, and Phillips Van Heusen, we offer trusted advice and quality materials to help you maximize productivity.

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