About Conveyor Technologies Inc

Conveyor Technologies has maintained the largest supply of used, brand name material handling equipment nationwide. We exist to beat the delivery date of all new material handling equipment manufacturers while providing hard dollar savings of up to 50%.

What We Do

Conveyor Technologies Does Material Handling BETTER

Since 1973, Conveyor Technologies Incorporated (CTI) has been a leader servicing the Distribution and Manufacturing industries with used and refurbished material handling equipment throughout the northeast and around the country. Historically, we have supplied and purchased conveyor systems, pallet racking, and carton flow systems. We can access the widest possible range of equipment types and configurations. This gives you more options, more choices and more solutions for your conveyor systems. We want to partner with you in finding the right solution for your application.

About Us, Conveyor Tech Inc.
About Us, Conveyor Tech Inc.

Years in the Business

Through decades of industry experience, we have grown to understand and cater to your needs.

Fortune 500 Customers

Our equipment can be found in warehouses all over the world.

Percent in Savings

Our equipment will save you as much as 50% over buying new!

Conveyor Technologies Does Material Handling FASTER, For Less

We buy the right equipment. We take the time to seek out opportunities that will offer you a 40-50% savings versus buying new. All of our equipment is meticulously reconditioned, so it doesn’t make any sense to pay extra for new. We’re so sure about our quality that you’ll routinely receive warranties on all equipment purchased from us – the same benefits you’d get buying new equipment.

You can’t afford to wait forever for delivery of a system. Nor is it likely that your customers will enjoy the wait either. Conveyor Technologies can fulfill delivery faster because we maintain one of the largest inventories of material handling equipment in the business. If you need it, chances are we have it! That means you get it before your problems become headaches.

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Our Clients Are Like Family

Our success stories include The Polo Jeans Company, Phillips Van Heusen, The Jones Apparel Group, JC Penney, Amazon, Acme Markets, Dillards, and many more. Conveyor Technologies is a better, faster, and more cost-effective solution for you and your clients’ material handling needs.

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