Accumulation conveyors make palletizing, sorting, and packing your product the rapid-fire process it should be– and we have the materials you need to expand your system. With impeccable quality and savings, Conveyor Technologies Inc. has a full stock of used and refurbished accumulation conveyors backed by over 25 years of industry leadership to help you optimize your operation.

Affordable Used Accumulation Conveyors, Thoroughly Inspected for Quality

Our industry experts offer an extensive selection of accumulation conveyors for your operation. We offer the largest inventory of used brand-name material handling equipment, giving you faster distribution speeds than new manufacturers. With comprehensive customer care, free evaluations, and a full range of supporting services, our team can help you take your system further with minimal downtime.

Our accumulation roller conveyors are ideal for stockpiling a mass of movable product, using either belted conveyor technology or roller conveyor systems to optimize a small space. Unlike live roller conveyors, they push items along until a certain stopping point, often pushing them together towards the end of the line at up to a designated pressure. Whether you have a delicate product that requires a zero pressure accumulation conveyor or hardier packaging that can be feature some pressure, we can work with you to select the ideal accumulation conveyor system and photo sensors to keep your packages safe.

Streamline Your Warehouse With Complimentary Consulting

With over 25 years of experience helping businesses expand their operations and improve their efficiency, we have the industry leadership you need to optimize your conveyor systems. Some of the benefits of our services include:

  • Wide Selection: We have more than enough 24” and 36” accumulation conveyors in stock and ready to ship.
  • Free Consulting Time: Our systems engineering experts offer free consulting time with purchase.
  • Exceptional Savings: With 40-50% savings compared to new lines, our meticulously refurbished products offer all the performance you need for less.
  • Fast Shipment: Our stock makes shipments possible, so you can streamline production fast.

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