Beams are the support system that sustains your pallets, and their resilience and complexity can vary by company. Light-weight products are often stored on warehouse shelving racks like cantilever beams, while heavier pallets are typically secured on teardrop beams, the most common pallet racking beam design.

Pallet Rack Beams: Used Teardrop Beams

Teardrop Beams are the most common method of support for pallet rack. Their design allows them to span between two uprights, slotting into both without need for bolts, screws, or other means; gravity holds them securely in place. They offer peace of mind, and are best used in warehouse shelving areas that make use of long aisles.

Used Pallet Racking: Cantilever Beams

Cantilever Beams, as opposed to Teardrops Beams, slot securely into one side of an upright and have the other side free. They are most useful for storing small and light materials, as they can be less sturdy than their doubly-attached counterparts

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