Conveyor Technologies Inc. is proud to offer exceptional pricing on high-quality material handling equipment. As an industry leader working with facilities large and small since 1973, we’ve helped countless distribution and manufacturing businesses flourish. Low prices and fast distribution are the core of our business, and our sales and specials on great used, brand name material handling equipment echos that mission to save your facility time and money.

With a proven track-record of excellence with clients like, Ralph Lauren and Phillips Van Heusen, we offer trusted advice and quality materials to help you maximize productivity. Our sales and specials are a great way to take advantage of our low prices, offering budget-friendly reconditioned conveyor and pallet rack systems.

Our Expansive Selection of Material Handling Equipment

We offer the nation’s largest inventory of used, brand-name material handling equipment. With thousands of feet of hundreds of conveyor and pallet rack designs, we offer every opportunity to grow the capacity and effectiveness of your facility.

Our sales and specials are just another way to take advantage of that selection, offering incredible savings on our already-economical material handling equipment. With warehouses located across the country, and an international reach to from the Philippines to Canada and Latin America, our low-cost equipment can grow with you– wherever business takes you.

Increase Productivity and Manage Costs with Our Sale Material Handling Products

From large distributors to in-house retailers, our flexible designers understand the unique needs of a variety of warehouse systems. This means offering more than bulky and complex automation equipment. If you’re seeking simplicity and low-cost solutions for your new or emerging facility, you’ve come to the right place.

In addition to our savings of up to 50% compared to manufacturer prices, Conveyor Technologies Inc. offers additional sales and specials on static, manual, and computerized handling products, including:

  • Totes, Carts, And Pack Tables: Organizing your team on the ground floor can have a surprising impact on their productivity and safety. Having the right totes, carts, and pack tables can significantly reduce workplace injuries and damaged parcels.
  • Ball Transfer Tables And Lift Gates: Ball transfer tables make it easy to hand sort items in a line or remove parcels from the line as needed. Our simple ball transfer tables make randomized inspections and manual sorting systems easy and low-risk. Lift gates offer similar benefits, making loading and unloading pallets and parcels from your dock simple.
  • Photo Eyes And Scanners: Our low-cost refurbished photo eyes and scanners are a great way to implement a new automated material handling system, allowing you to easily keep track of every parcel in the distribution process, sorting and scanning units accordingly.

Learn More About Our Current Sales and Specials

Call Conveyor Technologies Inc. at  (800) 445-3255 or fill out our request form to speak to a member of our sales team about our current sales and specials. We also offer free, low-cost warehouse evaluations and consulting, design, and engineering services to help you implement your new products.