Conveyor Technologies Inc. offers used lift gates and ball transfer tables which are perfect for speeding up manual labor on the ground. With quality brands on hand and fast shipping times, we can respect your fast-growing business with flexible transport accessories. We’ve been helping businesses grow since 1973, meeting the warehousing supply and warehouse design needs of leaders like and Jones Apparel group along the way. Today, we offer the nation’s largest inventory of used, brand-name material handling equipment to help our customers grow.

Used Transfer Tables and Lift Gates for Smooth Transfers

Whether you have semis, flatbed trucks, cargo vans, or pickups to load, our transfer tables and lift gates can help you increase efficiency and reduce workplace related injuries. With carefully refurbished material handling systems equipment from durable, industry-leading brands, your pallets or units can glide from warehouse to truck in seconds.

  • Faster Loading Times
  • Reduced injuries
  • Savings of up to 50% compared to new transfer tables and lift gates
  • Exceptional performance
  • Warranties available

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