Ask anyone who’s worked in a poorly designed warehouse and they’ll tell you, “I’d rather have a good layout than new conveyor system, any day of the week.”

They aren’t wrong.

Poor warehouse design can make workers miserable, can put them on edge, and can be genuinely dangerous in some situations. Beyond this, a poorly designed warehouse can just make your job harder, and nobody wants that!

Leaders in Functional Warehouse Design and Material Handling Solutions

Conveyor Technologies Inc. is dedicated to helping streamline and ultimately grow of all types of facilities, and our warehouse evaluation services are a critical first step along the way. With over 40 years of experience and the nation’s largest selection of used, brand-name handling equipment available, we have all the resources you’ll need to grow.

As industry leaders and innovators in material handling, we aim to provide a service that offers more than just brand-name equipment and low prices. Our highly trained staff has extensive knowledge of logistics, conveyor systems, pallet racking and carton flow systems, and can redesign your warehouse space to maximize your equipment and improve workflow.

Our Evaluation Process

Our team offers expertise in warehouse shelving and conveyor design and implementation, helping businesses like yours radically shift their efficiency. We’ll take a detailed look at your warehouse facility, capacity, existing equipment, labor, process, and handling goals to deliver results-driven design. Our warehouse evaluation services can include:

  • Free consultation for Material Handling solutions
  • Precise measurements taken of your warehouse
  • Technical drawings to achieve the best layout design

Speak to One of Our Experts

Warehouse evaluations are just the first step. Conveyor Technologies offers all the full-scale warehouse design and implementation services you need – material handling and storage equipment included. Call our sales team now at (800) 445-3255 to schedule your evaluation, learn more our team, or inquire about pricing. You can also fill out our online contact form to request more information about our warehouse evaluations.